Genius Tools 35pc Metric Flare Nut & L-Shaped Key Wrench Set


35pc Metric Flare Nut & L-Shaped Key Wrench Set

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1/2" Dr. Metric Stud Remover Socket 

  • 426306 6mm Stud Remover Socket 63mmL 
  • 426308 8mm Stud Remover Socket 63mmL 
  • 427410 10mm Stud Remover Socket 74mmL 
  • 427412 12mm Stud Remover Socket 74mmL 

Metric Flare Nut Wrench (Chrome Finish) 

  • 740911 9 x 11mm Flare Nut Wrench 127mmL 
  • 741012 10 x 12mm Flare Nut Wrench 141mmL 
  • 741314 13 x 14mm Flare Nut Wrench 157mmL 
  • 741517 15 x 17mm Flare Nut Wrench 173mmL 
  • 741618 16 x 18mm Flare Nut Wrench 181mmL 
  • 741921 19 x 21mm Flare Nut Wrench 194mmL 

Metric Long Hex Key Wrench 

  • 571760L 6mm Long Hex Key Wrench 175mmL 
  • 571870L 7mm Long Hex Key Wrench 185mmL 
  • 572080L 8mm Long Hex Key Wrench 200mmL 
  • 572190L 9mm Long Hex Key Wrench 210mmL 
  • 572210L 10mm Long Hex Key Wrench 225mmL 
  • 572411L 11mm Long Hex Key Wrench 240mmL 
  • 572512L 12mm Long Hex Key Wrench 250mmL 
  • 572613L 13mm Long Hex Key Wrench 260mmL 
  • 572814L 14mm Long Hex Key Wrench 280mmL 
  • 572916L 16mm Long Hex Key Wrench 295mmL 
  • 573117L 17mm Long Hex Key Wrench 310mmL 
  • 573219L 19mm Long Hex Key Wrench 325mmL 

Screw Extractor 

  • AT-EX6 6 Piece Screw Extractor Set 

Triple Square Key Wrench 

  • 582705M M5 Triple Square Key Wrench 72mmL 
  • 582806M M6 Triple Square Key Wrench 80mmL 
  • 582908M M8 Triple Square Key Wrench 90mmL 
  • 583010M M10 Triple Square Key Wrench 100mmL 
  • 583112M M12 Triple Square Key Wrench 112mmL 
  • 583214M M14 Triple Square Key Wrench 125mmL 
  • 583416M M16 Triple Square Key Wrench 140mmL 

Plastic Tray 1/2