Returns and Warranties

Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • All products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the expected usable life of the product.
  • Any tool that fails to give satisfactory service due to defective materials or workmanship will, after inspection, be repaired or replaced free of charge with a new or reconditioned product, provided it is shipped prepaid to OCEANSIDE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY along with a copy of proof of purchase.
  •  At the discretion of OCEANSIDE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY, a refund may also be provided to customer in form of credit with an amount equal to the original purchase price.
  • All claimed defective tools must be returned to the place of purchase. A copy of the invoice proving the date of purchase from the distributor will be required in the event of a warranty claim. The warranty period takes effect from the date of purchase and only extends to the original customer and cannot be transferred or assigned.
  • Consumable products are warranted, at the time of sale only, against defects in workmanship or materials that prevent their use. Consumable products are goods reasonably expected to be used up or damaged during use.

 Limited Warranty

  • All Torque Wrenches (exclude torque calibration), Torque Multipliers, Torque Screwdrivers, and all Air Powered, Electric Powered & Battery Powered Tools are only parts warranted for a period of one year.  
  • Moving parts of Ratchets, Hinge Handles, Speed Handles, Sliding T-handles, Impact Drivers, Adjustable Wrenches, and Pipe Wrenches are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product. This warranty is limited to the repair and replacement, without charge, of said moving parts and is not valid on any irreparable damage sustained on the main bodies of these tools. This warranty does not cover damage attributable to normal wear and tear. Warranty does not cover associated shipping and handling costs.
  • Warranty will be voided if the damage has occurred due to accident, abuse, misuse, neglect or modification. Upon inspection and approval, GENIUS TOOLS, at its option, will repair or replace any defective parts and charge parts and labor costs.
  • OCEANSIDE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY will also charge shipping and labor costs if the returned product requires regular maintenance only.
  • GENIUS TOOLS products used on assembly process have a limited 60-Day warranty, from the date of purchase, against defects in material and workmanship.

Limitation of Liability

  • OCEANSIDE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY or GENIUS TOOLS will not accept any liability for incidental or consequential  losses to the customer incurred by the purchaser losing the use of one or more of our products.
  • OCEANSIDE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY or GENIUS TOOLS is not responsible for any damage or personal injury that may result from the misuse, alteration, abuse, or use beyond the expected life of its products, or using tools which have been improperly repaired or maintained.


  • Due to the nature of the product, the following products are not covered by any warranty: Reducing Adapters, Thin Wall Sockets, Swivel Sockets, Impact Universal Joints, Wobble Extension Bars, Stud Bolt Sockets, Torque Calibration, Cutting Tools, Extractors, Files, Picks, Punches, Chisels, Spanner Bits, Batteries, Tool Storage, plastic- or rubber-made materials such as handles, items that are 6.35mm in size and under and discontinued items. For more information on discontinued items, please see Return & Exchange Policy section.
  • No warranty consideration can be made if the initial inspection shows that the tool has been abused, misused, neglected, altered, improperly maintained or worn out from use. Broken handles, bent shafts, snipe or hammer marks also void warranty. Figure 1, 2, 3, 4 and as such are not covered by any warranty.
  • Consumable products are goods reasonably expected to be used up or damaged during use.  

 Return and Exchange Policy

  • If you have received an incorrect product, ordered the wrong item or you are not fully satisfied with our product, you may return the product, prepaid, for a refund or an exchange only if the product has not been used with and is in its original condition and packaging. If the product is no longer in its original packaging, it cannot be returned unless the product is defective.
  • To receive a refund or exchange please contact us by phone or e-mail and indicate the reason you would like to return the product.
  • Customer will be responsible for shipping costs for the returns except in the case of the incorrect product being shipped by OCEANSIDE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY, or in the case of a damaged or defective product. Once we receive the product we will ship a replacement product back to customer free of charge.
  • All returns and exchanges should be within 30 days from the date of purchase in its original condition and packaging. There will be a 25% restocking fee on all returned or exchanged item(s). An original receipt is required for all returns, exchanges and warranty repair services. If, however, the product has been used and you are not fully satisfied with it, you may return or exchange the product within 10 days from the date of purchase along with a copy of proof of purchase.
  • When a warranty product is discontinued or no replacement is available, OCEANSIDE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY will offer a credit for the value of discontinued product at the time of sale. An original receipt is required.