Genius Tools 7pc Pliers Set


7pc Pliers Set

Quality you can trust: Genius Tools Master Sets and Tool Trays are made for professionals and serious tool users.

Heavy Duty Pliers (Plastic Grip) 

  • 550814D Bent Nose Pliers 200mmL (8"L)
  • 550804D Chain Nose Pliers w/ Cutter 200mmL (8") 
  • 550712D Side Cutter Pliers 180mmL (7") 
  • 550708D Diagonal Cutting Pliers 180mmL (7") Locking Pliers 
  • 531306LN Long Nose Locking Pliers w/ Cutter 150mmL (6"L) 
  • 530310A Curved Jaw Locking Pliers w/ Cutter 250mmL (10"L) 

Pliers (Cushion Grip) 

  • 551011D Water Pump Pliers 250mmL (10"L) 

Plastic Tray 1/2