Genius Tools 106pc 3/8" Dr. Metric Tool Set


106pc 3/8" Dr. Metric Tool Set

Quality you can trust: Genius Tools Master Sets and Tool Trays are made for professionals and serious tool users.

3/8" Dr. 12 pt. Metric Hand Socket
333206 6mm Hand Socket 28mmL
333207 7mm Hand Socket 28mmL
333208 8mm Hand Socket 28mmL
333209 9mm Hand Socket 28mmL
333210 10mm Hand Socket 28mmL
333211 11mm Hand Socket 30mmL
333212 12mm Hand Socket 30mmL
333213 13mm Hand Socket 30mmL
333214 14mm Hand Socket 30mmL
333215 15mm Hand Socket 30mmL
333216 16mm Hand Socket 30mmL
333217 17mm Hand Socket 32mmL
333218 18mm Hand Socket 32mmL
333219 19mm Hand Socket 32mmL
333220 20mm Hand Socket 32mmL
333221 21mm Hand Socket 32mmL
333222 22mm Hand Socket 32mmL

3/8" Dr. 12 pt. Metric Universal Hand Socket
355610 10mm Universal Hand Socket 51mmL
355611 11mm Universal Hand Socket 51mmL
355612 12mm Universal Hand Socket 51mmL
355613 13mm Universal Hand Socket 51mmL
355614 14mm Universal Hand Socket 52mmL
355615 15mm Universal Hand Socket 53mmL
355616 16mm Universal Hand Socket 54mmL
355617 17mm Universal Hand Socket 54mmL
355618 18mm Universal Hand Socket 56mmL
355619 19mm Universal Hand Socket 56mmL

3/8" Dr. 6 pt. Metric Deep Hand Socket
326306 6mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326307 7mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326308 8mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326309 9mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326310 10mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326311 11mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326312 12mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326313 13mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326314 14mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326315 15mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326316 16mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326317 17mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326318 18mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326319 19mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326320 20mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326321 21mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326322 22mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL

3/8" Dr. 6 pt. Metric Impact Socket
343207 7mm Impact Socket 28mmL
343208 8mm Impact Socket 28mmL
343209 9mm Impact Socket 28mmL
343210 10mm Impact Socket 28mmL
343211 11mm Impact Socket 30mmL
343212 12mm Impact Socket 30mmL
343213 13mm Impact Socket 30mmL
343214 14mm Impact Socket 30mmL
343215 15mm Impact Socket 30mmL
343216 16mm Impact Socket 30mmL
343217 17mm Impact Socket 32mmL
343218 18mm Impact Socket 32mmL
343219 19mm Impact Socket 32mmL
343220 20mm Impact Socket 32mmL
343221 21mm Impact Socket 32mmL
343222 22mm Impact Socket 32mmL

3/8" Dr. Assorted Bit Socket
308+1140 0.6 x 4.0mm Slotted Bit Socket 50mmL
308+1150 0.8 x 5.0mm Slotted Bit Socket 50mmL
308+1160 1.0 x 6.0mm Slotted Bit Socket 50mmL
310+1280 1.2 x 8.0mm Slotted Bit Socket 50mmL
310+1290 1.6 x 9.0mm Slotted Bit Socket 50mmL
308+1101 #1 Philips Bit Socket 50mmL
308+1102 #2 Philips Bit Socket 50mmL
308+1103 #3 Philips Bit Socket 50mmL
310+1124 #4 Philips Bit Socket 50mmL
308+2133 3mm Hex Bit Socket 50mmL
308+2134 4mm Hex Bit Socket 50mmL
308+2135 5mm Hex Bit Socket 50mmL
308+2136 6mm Hex Bit Socket 50mmL
310+2147 7mm Hex Bit Socket 50mmL
310+2148 8mm Hex Bit Socket 50mmL
339+2149 9mm Hex Bit Socket 50mmL
340+2150 10mm Hex Bit Socket 50mmL
341+2151 11mm Hex Bit Socket 50mmL
342+2152 12mm Hex Bit Socket 50mmL
308+2633 3mm Hex Bit Socket 140mmL
308+2634 4mm Hex Bit Socket 140mmL
308+2635 5mm Hex Bit Socket 140mmL
308+2636 6mm Hex Bit Socket 140mmL
310+2647 7mm Hex Bit Socket 140mmL
310+2648 8mm Hex Bit Socket 140mmL
339+2649 9mm Hex Bit Socket 140mmL
340+2650 10mm Hex Bit Socket 140mmL
341+2651 11mm Hex Bit Socket 140mmL
342+2652 12mm Hex Bit Socket 140mmL
308+6110 T-10 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6115 T-15 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6120 T-20 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6125 T-25 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6127 T-27 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6130 T-30 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6140 T-40 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
310+6245 T-45 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
310+6250 T-50 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
340+6255 T-55 Star Bit Socket 50mmL

320020 3/8" Dr. F. x 1/4" Dr. M. Adapter 30mmL
320040 3/8" Dr. F. x 1/2" Dr. M. Adapter 35mmL
380070 3/8" Dr. Universal Joint 54mmL
320045 3/8" Dr. Extension Bar 45mmL (1-1/2"L)
320150 3/8" Dr. Extension Bar 150mmL (6"L)
380030 3/8" Dr. Sliding T-Handle 250mmL (10"L)
380331S 3/8" Dr. 36 Teeth Quick Release Ratchet 220mmL (8-1/2"L)
Plastic Tray 1/1